The Pantheon of Swing

On Friday night at the Danish club, we are very excited to welcome Andrew Garton and his Pantheon of Swing performing fantastic live swing music for your listening and dancing pleasure.  

The Pantheon features the classic small combo music of the swing era, with influences including Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Illinois Jacquet, and Sidney Bechet. The songs have been transcribed directly from original recordings of the greatest dance bands of all time.

The authentic vintage repertoire is aimed squarely at swing dancers so the band is always grooving hard and the joint is always jumping!

Since 2017 (when The Pantheon formed for Rob & Emma’s wedding) the band has played to packed houses at many dance events, including the Pocket Social, and made regular appearances at the renowned and rambunctious Sunday Hot Club at Wandering Cooks.

The Highline Orchestra

Josh Hatcher and his Highline Orchestra present a rare opportunity to hear something truly special. Chick Webb and Ella Fitzgerald led the house band at the Savoy Ballroom and their music inspired the birth of Lindy Hop and continues to have a strong influence on all swing dancing to this day.
Michael Gamble and Jonathan Stout crowdfunded a project to recreate a full night of Chick & Ella charts from old crackly recordings that DJs are afraid to play. We have bought a wonderful selection of those charts and combined them with other smash hits of 1938 & 39. This collection is incredible and includes some epic numbers like Lindy Hopper’s Delight, Everything is Jumpin’, and Stompin’ at the Savoy.

What you will get is two hours of the hardest hitting live dance music ever played in Australia. So you have to ask yourself, what would Frankie do?

The Sunday Shuffle Squad

The Sunday Shuffle Squad is a small hand-picked jazz group for the Brisbane Weekend of Swing that has been specifically created to ensure a pumping supply of social dancing goodness. With Gypsy jazz in their hearts and swing on their minds, Swing BAIT will be murder on the dance floor.

Featuring Kym Ambrose (Madeleine’s Couch/Cigany Weaver & more) on drums, Stu Barry (Bowery Hot 5/Fishlane & more) on upright bass, Cameron Ford (Cameron Ford 4tet/Shenzo Gregorio 4tet & More) on guitar, and Jan Van Dijk (Swing Dynamique/Van Dijk 4 & More) on violin brings the scratch & wail that always leaves us wanting more.